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I wish to make Gluten & Dairy Free lifestyle easy to follow for beginners. Irrespective of why you choose to do it, to get healthier or perhaps for a medical reason, I know that it can be overwhelming and it can take a lot of time to process how to reinvent the way you cook and eat. It can be all the more challenging if you didn’t like to cook, but ordering take out isn’t particularly easy either with these new restrictions. You would think that there is absolutely NOTHING yummy that you can eat if you eliminate gluten and dairy from your diet, but that’s where I want to offer my help to all those who are new to this lifestyle. 

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On my YouTube channel you will find GF-DF recreations of most of the popular foods. My vision is to be able to recreate ALL (well almost all) of those delicious foods we love so much. I will also help you explore cuisines that use gluten and dairy free ingredients in their recipes and don’t need any modifications. I REALLY LOVE FOOD and therefore I’m always experimenting, especially with baking. I am willing to take all the efforts to create amazing recipes so that you all have an easy resource. I use natural sweeteners (wherever possible) in my dessert recipes to keep them as guilt free as possible. 

Gluten Free & Dairy Free Recipes

If you have tried my recipe and would like to share your opinion on them, please feel to write to me at iyerishco@gmail.com with the subject “Li’l SoSo”.

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